>>> CLICK HERE to download the event agenda. <<< SafetyNL is pleased to be hosting a special one-day workshop on December 4, 2013 where attendees will learn about emergency management planning and effective communication in crisis situations. We have gathered together a group of top-of-their-field experts to discuss topics related to:

  • Emergency planning and crisis communication preparedness;
  • Effective & successful crisis communications;
  • Communicating quickly in times of crisis;
  • Development of key phrases and messages;
  • Understanding interview techniques;
  • Engaging media;
  • Crisis communications and social media;
  • Western media coverage of humanitarian disasters.

For more information on the event and our keynote speakers, click here to download the workshop program or view it interactively below.

>>> CLICK HERE to download the event agenda. <<< The cost to attend this event is $149.99, however, those who register prior to 4:00pm NT on Friday, November 29, will receive a special discounted price of $129.99. To register, please email mmurrin@safetyservicesnl.ca and include your name and organization.

For sponsorship information, click here.