Promoting community safety for Newfoundlands & Labradorians.

Community Safety

We believe that health and safety are important aspects of everyone’s work and play.
This is why SafetyNL is committed to its community programming.
We are a leader in many successful community programs and coalitions. We also recognize the diversity within our province and changing needs of our population; thus, we are adapting our programs to remain relevant and effective.

Established SafetyNL Community Programs and Coalitions:

  • Lids for Kids Bicycle Helmet Safety
  • Operation LifeSaver
  • Prevent Alcohol and Risk Related Trauma in Youth (P.A.R.T.Y.)
  • School Bus Safety
  • NL Injury Prevention Coalition

*NEW SafetyNL Community Programs:

  • Students Acting for Education (S.A.F.E.) Coalition

Traditionally, SafetyNL has been the provincial coordinator of Students Against Drunk Driving groups; however, this position must evolve due to the changing nature of health and safety student groups. For example, Students Against Drunk Driving groups (in NL and across the country) are changing their names to Students Against Destructive Decision-Making. This allows students to address the many issues facing their peers. In addition, there are other health and safety groups that SafetyNL want to support. As a result, we have designed this new program to: keep with changing community trends; support all student groups in NL associated with health and safety; and create pathways of communication between student groups across the province

SafetyNL is your safety source in the community!