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Rider Introductory Course


SafetyNL will be offering a free three-hour introductory course. Our intention is to provide an opportunity to experience what it is like to ride a motorcycle without registering for the full Gearing Up course. Motorcycles will be provided by SafetyNL.

Course Overview

The Introductory Course is designed for prospective students considering enrollment in the full Gearing Up course. It is a three-hour on-bike introduction to motorcycle riding and safety.

Please note completion of this introductory course DOES NOT qualify you to operate a motorcycle or prepare you to pass the skill (balance) test.

You will learn the following basic skills

  • Balancing and Braking
  • Starting a Motorcycle
  • Moving off and Stopping
  • Riding the motorcycle for the first time

What You Will Need For The Course

  • Helmet that is not more than 5 years old. It can be full face, ¾ or “shorty” and must be DOT, BSI or Snell approved. Novelty or beany type helmets which do not carry authorized DOT or other acceptable safety ratings are not permitted
  • Leather boots which provide ankle coverage with flat soles and low rise heels
  • Leather or other textile full fingered motorcycle gloves
  • Motorcycle jacket (leather or textile) with armour in elbows, shoulder and back; denim jackets would also be acceptable but be aware that they do not provide the level of protection as leather or standard motorcycle jackets
  • Eye protection(sunglasses, helmet visor or safety glasses)
  • Jeans, protective leather or textile riding pants


This is a free course.

Pre-registration is required and is booked on a first come, first served basis.

For more information

    • by phone (754-0210 or 1-877-754-0210)
    • in person at Safety Services’ office at 1076 Topsail Road/Mount Pearl

Many SafetyNL courses are available province-wide upon request. Certain conditions apply.