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Rider Refresher Course

Course Overview

This course is three to four hours in duration and is intended for licensed riders who may wish to refresh or improve their riding skills. The course will cover risk management, defensive riding strategies and skills towards enhancing your level of proficiency and confidence. These skills will assist you in your ability to deal with the challenges encountered in city and highway riding.

What You Will Need For The Course

  • Helmet that is not more than 5 years old. It can be full face, ¾ or “shorty” and must be DOT, BSI, Snell or ECE approved. Novelty or beany type helmets which do not carry authorized DOT or other acceptable safety ratings are not permitted
  • Leather boots which provide ankle coverage with flat soles and low rise heels
  • Leather or other textile full fingered motorcycle gloves
  • Motorcycle jacket (leather or textile) with armour in elbows, shoulder and back; denim jackets would also be acceptable but be aware that they do not provide the level of protection as leather or standard motorcycle jackets
  • Eye protection(sunglasses, helmet visor or safety glasses)
  • Jeans, protective leather or textile riding pants
  • Rain Gear is recommended

You will be required to use your own motorcycle and provide proof of both registration and insurance. Your motorcycle must be in good working order. Lights, brakes, tires, wheels, operating controls and the motorcycle itself will be checked, along with your riding gear.


Course cost is $75.00. You may either register in person at Safety Services office at 1076 Topsail Road in Mt. Pearl; online or over the phone by using either Visa or MasterCard (Visa Debit is not available), or you can mail a certified cheque or money order along with your contact information and preferred course date to Safety Services . Registration is conducted on a first come first serve basis. For more information call 754-0210 or toll free at 1-877-754-0210.

Online Registration:


Many SafetyNL courses are available province-wide upon request. Certain conditions apply.