In addition to our regularly scheduled classes, we also offer a number of courses on demand for a minimum of 5 people. Please contact the office if you are interested in booking one of the courses below.

Job Task Analysis (JTA)

A Job Task Analysis is an important safety tool to identify hazards and assess risk in work procedures. This course will teach you how to conduct a Job Task Analysis and write a Safe Work Procedure.

Forklift Operator Safety

This course focuses on safe practices and procedures for forklift operators using multimedia presentations, performance exercises, and group discussions designed to reduce accidents and injuries to workers.

Auditing Techniques

The course consists of three days in the classroom, one day conducting an external audit, and the final day is used to present and discuss the audit findings.

Incident Investigation

An incident investigation is the best way to find the cause of an incident, control the hazard, and prevent similar incidents and further harm or loss.

Hazard Recognition, Evaluation, and Control

Recognizing, evaluating, and controlling hazards are the basic building blocks of any safety and health management system.

Workplace Inspections

Workplace inspections are an important tool in any company’s OH&S program.

Strategic Communications Planning

Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention

Emergency Management