Learn To Drive


Training with SafetyNL is an investment for life.

We offer an approved driver education program as required by the graduated licensing program.




  • Our program is 25 hours of in-class instruction and 10.5 hours of one-on-one driving experience with a trained instructor.
  • Students are assigned to an instructor and book their lessons directly through them, this way our instructors can work around student schedules.
  • Our instructors will pick up and drop off students from home, work, or school.
  • Students use our car for the road test and we arrange the date and time.
  • Our instructors operate in most areas of the province, and we have multiple instructors in the St. John’s region.
  • We have one of the shortest wait times for in-car lessons.
  • Students can request their preferred instructor.
  • Our program qualifies for applicable insurance discounts.
  • We have experience helping international students get their licence.



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