I did the motorcycle course second week this year you offered it. I can’t say enough good things about all the instructors I had. I booked a extra training session with Mike before my road test on June 7th. June 7th I passed my road test first try! This made me so happy. I was probably the most nervous student ever but also the most excited student ever. 5 years ago I almost died. Spent 3 months in hospital was bed ridden for three months in a wheelchair for 6 used a walker then for 4 years due to damage I had in my leg from a infection. To be able to do and pass this course was a must on my bucket list. I’ve embraced the fact that I’m privileged to be able to ride a motorcycle safely and that I had awesome instructors that also believed I could. Almost 3,500 km on my motorcycle since I’ve gotten my licence just a little over a month ago. And of course just my luck. Two weeks after while in torbay taking the turn before liddy’s bar/Mary browns I ran over a 2 inch screw got a rear flat tire and because of what your fine folks taught me I was able to slow down, pull over and stop Safety and with out panicking because they taught me well on what to do in that type of situation. I had to get my bike towed home that day and the tow truck driver had his hands full getting my bike home safely so I could get the rear tire repaired. He said it was a honour to tow a bike in such great condition he said 99% of his two jobs are crashed bikes. He was also impressed that I handled the flat tire situation so well.

I brag to everyone I know about your team and course and I thank you and your employees for all they do to make us safer and for teaching us how to ride safely. I also learned in the course to take my time on the new tire once I got it because it can be slippery and that it was. Few days of solo rides and I broke in that tire without a problem. Awesome course, ran by awesome people! Keep doing what you all do because you make us new motorcycle drivers learn how to keep yourself safe out there on the road.

Lisa Carter

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